Development Planning

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The pressure on leaders to deliver results quickly has never been greater. Our leadership development planning activities are designed to help leaders align quicker, develop faster and perform better.

So, what do you need?

  • We want to get on developing the leadership attributes for the 21st Century
  • We are about to go through major change as an organisation
  • ‘We have been through a major re-structure. Some of our leaders seem to be struggling with what they are now here to do and what they are trying to achieve’
  • ‘We have high performing leaders . What can we do to keep it that way?’

How do we do it?

We will work with you to design a process to develop self awareness and motivation in the leader. The process begins with collecting feedback data from stakeholders and using proprietary tools to support that and provide other feedback. This will gives us an analysis of the leader’s context, strengths, and weaknesses.

We utilise a wide range of world class tools including SHL, Hogans, LSI, Emotional Intelligence and I4 neuroleader Assessment, and LSP 360. We can also tailor 360 approaches to your frameworks and needs.

Benefits to your business

  • Improve productivity and quality performance outcomes
  • Empower leaders to manage their own learning
  • Create enthusiasm about the leaders purpose and what needs to be achieved
  • Get leaders engaged with change
  • Optimise each team member’s strengths
  • Overcome real obstacles that may be a roadblock to success

What makes our service different?

We know that the very best leadership development plans not only focus on the growth of the individual, but the context of the leader. Leaders are short of time, and for a plan to be worthwhile it must help deliver a positive change in the work system.

We want personal growth and new behaviours driving new and better results.

We also encourage leaders to keep perspective on the perceptions and needs of their internal and external stakeholders.

Our coaches can work alongside the leader over a period of time and enable them to manage and develop their own high performance.

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