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It’s never been harder to lead effectively.

The world of work is evolving at an ever-increasing pace, with constant disruption caused by new technology, social and political forces, and issues like climate change.


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04 Apr 2022

Why Leadership and Management Courses Fail

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26 Mar 2022

10 Skills All Leadership Training Courses Should Teach Managers

The benefits of leadership development for managers are many, developing leaders directly affects the transformational power on your business. In today’s world where unpredictability from every angle is disrupting normal business processes, the right leadership management course should be developing your managers to have the confidence to handle not only the challenges of today, but […]

leadership training nz
17 Mar 2022

Why you need leadership training for your business

Leaders aren’t born, they’re built. Technological advances, social and political change, globalisation, and the fallout that ensued from the pandemic have all highlighted the need for future-fit leaders that can adapt to any challenges, now and tomorrow. Leadership training is necessary to tap into the talent all individuals have and develop in them the ability […]

14 Mar 2022

Why the best leaders make time to practise

Practising for success Actively practising allows leaders to extend their range of capabilities. Purposefully work to enhance the skills you already have, along with identifying and planning how to master those that you don’t. Action steps: 1. Think through in advance what new skills would enhance your leadership performance 2. How will you get there? […]

21 Feb 2022

Short on time? 4 simple strategies to help you develop as a leader.

1. Write it down Writing is something that all leaders should practice because it encourages crucial self-reflection. Whether you opt for a journal, an app or simply grab a spare bit of paper, the benefits are the same. Put it into practice Start with once a week Spend 20 minutes simply reflecting on your leadership […]

17 Feb 2022

Why curiousity is important to leadership success

Choose curiosity Highly successful leaders are decisive, but they also avoid thinking that they have all the answers. Be thirsty for information. By cultivating a curious mindset, you’re allowing the opportunity for personal growth. Practice curiosity by: Asking useful questions of yourself and others Caring about these answers Encouraging the sharing of opinions Try to […]

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