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It’s never been harder to lead effectively.

The world of work is evolving at an ever-increasing pace, with constant disruption caused by new technology, social and political forces, and issues like climate change.


17 Feb 2022

Are professional leadership development courses worth the commitment?

Mantle: Sue, please tell us a bit about yourself. Sue: “I work within the healthcare industry as the Flexible Support Manager at the Florence Nightingale Agency in Christchurch. Over the years I have attended a number of professional development courses – the latest being Leadership Connect.” M: A senior healthcare role during COVID is certainly […]

07 Dec 2021

Why great leaders make time to go on holiday

Have you forgotten how to relax? It’s been a stressful year of intensity, ambiguity and navigating a more complex environment at work – and at home. Many of us have simply forgotten how to relax after seemingly endless days spent juggling and multi-tasking. Perhaps just the idea of a holiday seems like something else has […]

12 Nov 2021

How leaders can help prevent employee burnout

What is burnout? Burnout comes about when three factors come together with chaotic (and often life-changing) results – including experiencing: 1. Emotionally demanding situations 2. Chronic situational stresses over a long period of time 3. A state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion   Burnout is also usually accompanied with symptoms including feelings of helplessness, […]

Mantle Work Stress Relief
27 Oct 2021

Expert tips to help leaders be at their best during lockdown

Be self-aware Notice your own mental state Check for warning signs – this could be feeling irritable, hostile or resentful, being unenthusiastic, disinterested or forgetful. There could be physical sensations of fatigue or achiness. Identify the times you feel most agitated, tired or emotionally-spent. Maybe it’s on a Monday after the Government update or on […]

Mantle Leadership Lockdown Stress
26 Oct 2021

Why even the most successful leaders are struggling right now

Lacklustre emotions aren’t a sign of weakness When we feel fatigued or lack motivation, it’s not a sign you’re failing. Instead it’s due to our brain’s instinctive response to uncertainty. The definition of stress is a state of mental, emotional strain, or tension, resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. And, it doesn’t get much more […]

SPCA Leadership Mantle Blog October
13 Oct 2021

Helping SPCA leaders achieve their potential

How SPCA is helping its leaders thrive SPCA helps protect over 35,000 animals in New Zealand who are sick, injured, abused or simply abandoned every year. In 2019, they engaged Mantle to help enhance the capability and cohesiveness of their leaders under a new overarching ‘One SPCA’ strategy. The programme needed to engage and provide […]

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