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It’s never been harder to lead effectively.

The world of work is evolving at an ever-increasing pace, with constant disruption caused by new technology, social and political forces, and issues like climate change.


Mantle Virtual Leadership
01 Jun 2020

Can virtual leadership development programmes really deliver the same result?

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused many disruptions for businesses around the world. This includes those who are undertaking leadership programmes to create better leaders for their organisations.

However, this new situation we find ourselves in has led to the need for new training scenarios and that’s where virtual leadership development programs come into play. And we’ve seen some very interesting actions due to their implementation.

11 Mar 2020

How can we improve ROI in leadership development?

It’s estimated that global investment in leadership development is up to US$300 billion every year. Which begs the question – just how much value is actually generated from that spend? We provide 4 answers to improving the ROI of leadership development.

07 Oct 2019

The Neurochemistry Behind Positive Conversations.

Conversation – it’s something we all do, every day, often without much conscious effort. However, in a professional context, the way we approach conversations with colleagues can have a significant impact on how individuals and teams perform within an organisation.

25 Sep 2019

How true leaders grow other leaders

There’s no disputing that the world we live and work in is advancing at an ever-increasing pace. From apps to AI, the level of technological nous needed to do just about any skilled job today is a quantum leap ahead of where it was 10 years ago.

30 May 2019

Left Brain Right Brain: What About the Whole Brain?

I was offered the opportunity to undertake a free diagnostic in order to understand my left brain versus right brain dominance. Hence, my optimal learning style. Feeling I had better ways to use my time, I politely turned down the offer and spent the time thinking (with both my…

29 May 2019

Just How Productive Are We? Expert Jugglers or Amateur Plate Spinners?

Are we really being productive? Where ever we go people seem really busy. Sometimes laser beam focused and sometimes on the verge of being overwhelmed. There is no argument that there is a lot of change and activity about in New Zealand organisations.

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