Leadership Connect 

Become a Future Fit Leader : 12- week virtual course 



Leadership Connect is a 12-week leadership course created by New Zealand leadership experts, Mantle.

Developed using our world-class, neuroscience-based approach, it combines the knowledge of our experienced coaches with our intuitive online learning platform. The result is a virtual programme that gives people in any organisation access to the type of leadership development training usually only available in large-scale companies.

Leadership Connect is ideal for:

  • Experienced managers who want to build on their leadership skills
  • New leaders who want to hit the ground running
  • Potential leaders who want to get ahead of the game

You will learn:

  • How your mindset influences your leadership approach
  • How to build the ‘right’ leadership habits to keep you at the top of your game
  • Practical tools and techniques for leading with confidence
  • How to put your new leadership ability to work on a day to-day basis, whatever your context

Your learning will be facilitated through online tutorials and access to a dedicated virtual coach. As part of your learning, we will empower you to work on a real leadership challenge you are facing and develop a plan to solve it.

Early-bird tickets: $499+GST 


(If booked before 28th October 2020)

Early-bird tickets: $499+GST 


(if booked before 28th October 2020)