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Who is in the Learning Driver’s Seat?

So who really is in the learning driver’s seat?

I have been reflecting on this lately based on some past events. Many of you will have seen on the news some time ago, the amazing school that has opened in Christchurch. The footage featured images of small groups of kids working in a large common space using different modalities in specified areas. Three teachers ‘roamed’ the space to observe and observe learning. Kids watched videos, used tablets and smartphones. They also listened to stories and other paper-based activity – inspiring stuff.

It got me thinking about the connection to a really stimulating lecture I went to recently with Eliot Masie. He is a learning futurist that shared his views on learning trends. Eliot engaged me straight away by articulating what we at Mantle have always believed, “Our job is to always the delight the experience of the learner.”, How common is that thinking and how is it changing?

Eliot asked us to think about how our children are learning now. The Christchurch school is a great example of the stand-out trend that Elliot talked. As a designer and facilitator of learning I was very impressed.

Learning Personalisation: “1 size fits 1, instead of 1 size fits all.”

Learners want more control over:

  • When to learn. What is the optimum time for them and how can we give them access?
  • How to learn. The process and media – what’s the optimum modality for them?
  • What to learn? Trust me, as a grown-up I need to know right now what is relevant. Learners want less, but they want the RIGHT stuff, so where can I go to find it? Give me an easy to use and accessible set of learning resources (matching curiosity with navigation, not memorisation).
  • Who I learn with and how. They want social and collaborative learning that is managed but doesn’t have to happen in one place. A move to ‘the connected classroom’ which moves learning away from ‘the front of the room” is much more appealing.
  • How I tap into an experience when I need it by utilising technology to have digital coaches as ‘the voice on your shoulder when you need it’. This includes that of the Manager.

Are We in the Driver’s Seat?

So what does all of this mean for learning professionals? Are we keeping ourselves up to date with how learning is changing for our kids and in our most dynamic organisations? Do we think that we are still in the driving seat as experts in our field?

I think we all know the answer to that. If you would like a collegial conversation about how to make sure your development programmes are truly putting the learner in the driver seat, give us a call at Mantle any time. It is free of charge!