Are professional leadership development courses worth the commitment? | Mantle

17 Feb 2022

Are professional leadership development courses worth the commitment?

Struggling to find the time (and energy) to invest in leadership development? Sue Gibson shares her review of Leadership Connect – an online short-course for busy NZ leaders. As she explains, the combination of working on a great online platform and facilitated weekly Zoom sessions give you the knowledge and expert support to truly achieve your potential.

Mantle: Sue, please tell us a bit about yourself.

Sue: “I work within the healthcare industry as the Flexible Support Manager at the Florence Nightingale Agency in Christchurch. Over the years I have attended a number of professional development courses – the latest being Leadership Connect.”

M: A senior healthcare role during COVID is certainly a test of leadership! Why did you decide to participate in Leadership Connect during such a demanding time?

SG: “This programme gave me the tools and skills I need to navigate through one of the toughest periods in my professional career – from finding the words needed to articulate what was happening in my space, to the drive and determination to find my best leadership self. Within the first week I was adapting my practises using the tools, reflections, and actions developed on this programme.”

M: With many other professional leadership development courses available, what made you select Leadership Connect?

SG: “What sets this one apart from every other professional development course I have attended is the emphasis on reflecting on the learning, then making an action about how you intend to implement what you have learned into your practise. You come away with so many new and improved items in your kete (toolbox) irrespective of if you are a new or emerging leader, or if you have been doing this for decades.”

M: Could you share with us some of the ways the programme has supported you towards achieving your leadership goals?

SG: “This is the type of programme that makes you reflect on your practise, your environment – and on who you are. It then supports you to develop into the leader you want to be – or have lost sight of in this crazy busy COVID world, where everything seems to be reactive rather than proactive!”

M: Leadership Connect sees you learn alongside your leadership peers. Did you find this beneficial?

SG: “The programme design was innovative, reflective, engaging and individual to my needs while also being individual to others on the programme, not to mention the relationships developed with other leaders up and down the country! It was a fabulous investment of my time and resources.”

M: Would leaders from other industries find it as rewarding?

SG: “I highly recommend this programme for those that want to invest in themselves and their future, both personally and professionally. I found it offered a supportive and collaborative learning environment with no judgment, only acceptance of where am I in my journey of leadership and management. It gave me the guidance to challenge and extend myself to be my best leadership self.”

All you need is around an hour each week over 12 weeks

Leadership Connect is a results-focused, online leadership development programme designed to deliver tangible outcomes in just an hour or so each week, over 12 weeks. If you’re a busy leader wanting to achieve your potential, we’re here to help. Take a closer look now.