Why curiousity is important to leadership success | Mantle

17 Feb 2022

Why curiousity is important to leadership success

Want to become a more successful leader? Committing to small, but continuous improvements can help you achieve that goal – starting with having a curious mindset. As our leadership experts explain, being disciplined in the changes you make is key.

Choose curiosity

Highly successful leaders are decisive, but they also avoid thinking that they have all the answers. Be thirsty for information. By cultivating a curious mindset, you’re allowing the opportunity for personal growth.

Practice curiosity by:

  • Asking useful questions of yourself and others
  • Caring about these answers
  • Encouraging the sharing of opinions

Try to avoid a single-minded focus on your organisation and industry. Read widely outside your discipline and seek different perspectives.

Ask yourself why

Identify your goals as a leader, and where you should focus your efforts for development, by considering your why.

Prompt self-reflection with questions such as:

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What do my peers within the organisation expect from me – and my team?
  • How does this match with my values?
  • Does this reflect what is important to me?

This behaviour allows your priorities to come into focus. Do it regularly.

Step outside your comfort zone

Learning involves a change in behaviour and it’s not always comfortable. Make a habit of taking some thoughtful risks.

Don’t fear failure:

  • Appreciate that you won’t always succeed
  • These failures are part of the learning process
  • Think long-term

Be prepared that your performance may initially dip as you get accustomed to these new behaviours.

Why discipline matters

Great leaders understand that success is cultivated over time in the things you do every day – the small habits, rituals, and practises. Stick with it and remain disciplined.

Supporting you on your leadership journey

In our work at Mantle, we support top New Zealand leaders in achieving their personal development goals. If you’d like a few suggestions personalised to your situation, without any obligation, just get in touch with us now.