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It’s never been harder to lead effectively.

The world of work is evolving at an ever-increasing pace, with constant disruption caused by new technology, social and political forces, and issues like climate change.


28 Jun 2022

How to take control back over your workplace wellbeing

Employers are not catching on, but the data doesn’t lie. Being overworked can fundamentally impact your health, as sobering studies (like this research from Indiana University) show. 1. Take control Do you have any control over your work schedule, projects, or the number of tasks that you manage at a given time? Having little control over […]

09 Jun 2022

3 ways leaders can help prevent employee burnout

1. Prioritize recovery time Everyone needs a break to recover. Employees pushing themselves to the limit at work are less productive and likely to be at risk of burnout. Encouraging downtime allows the opportunity to recharge. Action Steps for Leaders Create realistic expectations – encourage employees to take the time off available to them. Adjust […]

09 Jun 2022

Why leadership style matters when it comes to employee burnout

What does your team need to thrive? Begin the process with some self-reflection as a leader – starting by delving into your workplace research. (And if you don’t already have these insights, commissioning an internal feedback survey should be top of the list!) Drill-down on the negative outcomes you see when it comes to well-being. […]

09 Jun 2022

Why employee burnout is the new workplace epidemic

A cautionary tale You’ve probably heard the story of the canary in the coalmine. Healthy canaries were once taken into the mines by workers to act as an early warning detection of poison gas. If the canaries stopped singing (or, worse, died), it signalled hazardous issues with the environment. Just like the canaries, employee burnout […]

13 May 2022

Why leadership development needs a mindset change

We need to lift our expectations about leadership development It’s hard to find a leadership article that doesn’t reference ‘the great resignation’. There is certainly plenty of discussion (and research) about declining well-being, increased anxiety and disengagement among employees – and leaders alike. I am sure the testing times over the last few years are […]

06 Apr 2022

Kimble Vowless joins Mantle leadership team as Director

Kimble has been a key part of our Mantle team since 2019 and has considerable expertise working within the fields of leadership development, learning, and corporate strategy over the past two decades. “The alignment between my values, and those of the Mantle leadership team, made the Directorship a natural next step,” says Kimble. “It’s an […]

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